Break the cycle dating violence

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They provided over 20 presentations, reaching approximately 674 students, faculty, and community members.

The community educators focused on teaching middle and high school students, educators, and parents how to be social leaders through what is called the “Bystander Approach.” They sought to empower the most influential and involved students through their LAB workshop (Leaders as Active Bystanders).

This one-of-a-kind workshop empowered over 100 Irvine High School football players, cheerleaders, and student body leaders on how to confront abusive peers and set good examples for fellow students and younger generations.

Creating this new standard for socializing and behaving creates happier relationships and brighter futures for all students.

The Indiana Prevention Resource Center’s service called PREV-STAT uses GIS software and data from a variety of sources to create county profiles and customized project reports, including maps and tables.

Currently Series 14 (2017) is available to search on various variables.

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This system was developed by Indiana University and requires an authorized login for access.Stay vigilant so you'll notice these signs, and ready yourself to end the relationship, when violence enters the picture.The basic parts of a domestic violence cycle see an abuser threaten violence, strike his victim, apologize, and promise to change, before starting the cycle all over again.As one young woman explained: Leaving him was not enough. Each featured charity has been successfully site visited and its financials given the thumbs up.The Catalogue for Philanthropy charges no fees and raises funds separately to support its work.

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