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In "The Oolong Slayer", Jake achieves his lifelong dream to catch a serial killer, the Oolong Slayer, but gives up the credit for the arrest to the Chief of Brooklyn Detectives, Assistant Chief Davis Garman, in exchange for getting Captain Holt transferred back to the 99th Precinct.In "Boyle-Linetti Wedding" it is revealed that Jake is half-Jewish, having lost his childhood sweetheart Jenny Gildenhorn to Eddie Fung at his Bar Mitzvah.

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Jake began his career as a patrol officer with the 74th Precinct, and was partnered with Stevie Schillens (Damon Wayans, Jr.) and the two nicknamed themselves the "Beatsie Boys"; in 2016, Jake was forced to arrest Stevie, now a detective with the neighboring 98th Precinct for planting evidence.

After helping Peralta solve a serial killer case, Holt found himself transferred back to command of the 9-9 by the Chief of Brooklyn Detectives.

It's A Date is an Australian ensemble comedy series which began screening on ABC1 on 15 August 2013.

It could be the perfect night if only his family don't interfere.

The series stars Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, a depressed young woman who decides to follow her ex-boyfriend from New York City to West Covina, California in the hopes of finding real happiness.

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