Raymond lam dating 2016

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When she heared Raymond dated with Karena Ng, she was very jelouse, said he is a playboy!Despite dating for two years, Raymond Lam's familt still disapproves of his high profile relationship with Karena Ng. They dated for a while, and broke up because they didn’t have time. He said he likes the girl with long hair, ponytail, silent voice, comfortable face. They dated after filming 2003 drama, Lofty Water, Verdant Bow. Before, Raymond Lam talked about girl he likes, doesn’t like.Raymond hopes to begin filming again soon after spending two years focusing on music.Speaking of acting, Raymond also revealed his reason for leaving his old company, TVB, saying, "As an actor, it is easy to get lost at a certain stage of your life.

However, the actor stated that he has no plans to rest after his concert.Starting out as a dancer, Ron is best known for his role in The Academy series.His breakthrough role came in Triumph in the Skies as the cool younger brother.However, Raymond promised to return to Xiamen to help manage the family business in exchange for marrying Karena.ihktv via Jayne Stars reports that despite coming from a very wealthy family, Raymong wanted to earn his own keep.

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