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The law also provides that the Koran and the Traditions (Sunna) of the Prophet Muhammad serve as the country's constitution.In December 2005 the country held male‑only elections on a nonparty basis for half of the members of municipal councils, the first elections for any government position since 1963.On October 16, 2014, Tagged performed a number of changes at the corporate level, including acquiring the social messaging startup Tinode and naming its co-founders, Dash Gopinath and Gene Sokolov, to the positions of chief product officer and senior vice president of engineering respectively.Tagged also announced that its parent company would be re-named Ifwe, Inc.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, ruled by the Al Saud family, with a population of 22.7 million, including 6.1 million foreigners.Since 2005, King Abdullah bin Abd Al‑Aziz Al Saud has ruled the Kingdom and serves as custodian of Islam's two holiest sites in Mecca and Medina.

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Net Language Center, and provides teachers of mainstream as well as special needs students a place to discuss using and teaching American Sign Language and other sign languages in the classroom. Net has two resources dedicated exclusively to beginning teachers - the Beginning Teachers Chatboard, and the Beginning Teachers Mailring. Teacher job listings from around the world, all free to browse and continuously updated.

When his turn came, he was determined to hold the Prime Minister to account. His face is fleshy and blotched by a faint birthmark, and he tends to angle it downward, so that his eyes are shadowed by his brow. Aswany kept interrupting Shafik, who became furious, thumping his chest and flapping his hand. ” Aswany’s attack on Shafik stunned Egyptians, but the most dramatic development was yet to come. Within Egypt he has long been equally famous as an outspoken critic of the Mubarak regime.

In silhouette, he can look bullish and a little menacing. ” “What do you think about the people who were killed? “What about the twelve hundred people who lost their eyes? The next morning, the show’s host, Yosri Fouda, was woken up by a call from the TV station. For several years, he has written a regular newspaper column highlighting oppression, abuses, and corruption, and every week he holds a literary salon that provides him with a platform to respond to events.

Tagged is a member of the Social Media Advertising Consortium, a trade industry association that aims to increase advertising revenue and to facilitate collaboration among social networking sites, advertisers, and marketing researchers.

Tagged asked users for their email username and password, retrieved email addresses from their address books, and repeatedly sent email invitations to people who were not registered on Tagged, falsely stating that they have been "added as a friend" or that the inviter had sent them photos on Tagged.

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